Swimming Pool Area


The swimming pool does not use chemicals to purify the water. Instead there is a Watermaid salt water chlorinator that offers the following health benefits:

  • No red eyes
  • No dry, itchy skin                                                                                
  • No chlorine taste or smell
  • Hair condition unaffected by chlorine
  • Proven to be advantageous to asthma and allergy sufferers.  


Not only will all pool users' skin feel much softer, but the system will also benefit people with sensitive skin and those prone to eczema and is, of course, ideal for those allergic to chlorine. Your pool will be much nicer to swim in and there will be no stinging sensation when water goes in your eyes or up your nose just ask any child who has been swimming in a pool using this system. Also designed with safety in mind the pool is a constant 1.1m deep so most children will not get out of their depth. This does not mean however that children can be unsupervised, children must always be supervised by an adult when using the pool. Whilst this depth is ample for swimming it is ideal for fun sports such as water polo, volley ball or badminton. Ever played badminton in a swimming pool? Great fun!! This wouldn't be possible in a pool that has a deep end.